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Which is more accurate, mercury thermometer or forehead thermometer?

Fever is one of the most common clinical symptoms. How to judge whether the fever is the most common method to take body temperature. But many people have improper measurement methods and are easy to be inaccurate. What should we do?

1 Choose the right time

To eliminate the influence of body temperature fluctuations, choose a suitable time to measure.

The standard for clinical fever is a body temperature of 37.3°C or higher. However, strenuous exercise, after meals, emotional stress, and excessive indoor temperature can all cause body temperature to rise, so it is best to take your body temperature in a quiet state in the morning and evening.

It is recommended not to eat, drink, exercise vigorously, and compress hot or cold compresses before taking the temperature.

2 Use thermometers to be standardized

The use of thermometers should be standardized. Different thermometers have different temperature measurement methods, and the results may have errors. Common mercury thermometers, infrared thermometers and electronic clinical thermometers should be selected according to different occasions.

Mercury thermometers belong to the medical category, and mercury thermometers are used clinically to measure body temperature; electronic thermometers are very convenient and suitable for home use, but need to be checked regularly; infrared thermometers have the fastest temperature measurement and are suitable for continuous temperature measurement of multiple people, but not suitable For family or personal use, it also requires regular proofreading.

3 Mercury thermometer is more accurate

To measure body temperature at home, it is recommended to measure the underarm body temperature with a mercury thermometer, which is the most accurate; the underarm body temperature above 37.3℃ requires attention, and the oral temperature above 37.1℃ requires attention.

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