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Whether jogging wears a mask causes controversy

According to the European Times reported on the French news radio station (Franceinfo) website on the 16th, the outdoor mask order implemented in many parts of the country has created new problems for many runners; in fact, the World Health Organization (OMS) does not recommend Wear a mask because the mask will hinder smooth breathing and will accelerate the spread of disease once it gets wet.

The doctor said “no scientific basis”

On the streets of Paris, many runners had to obey orders. The mask on the face of Pierre, who is jogging by the Seine, is close to his nose and mouth, “I am running with a mask for the first time.”

He said, “It’s okay, better than I thought. The weather is not too hot, otherwise, it will be really uncomfortable… But there are not many people on the river bank now, and it is useless to wear it, but at night people will A lot”.

Not far away, Thibaud, another runner, didn’t wear a mask. He didn’t seem to know that the banks of the Seine River were within the prescribed range. “Is there a mask to wear here? I didn’t see it. I tried to wear it, but I couldn’t help it. Breathe, the whole mask is wet… so I won’t run with a mask… If other runners don’t wear it, I don’t see the meaning of coercion.”

According to the Paris government announcement, pedestrians in the relevant neighborhoods must wear masks, “including when doing sports.” However, the doctor Jean-Francois Toussaint felt that this was unnecessary. He even thought that the mandatory wearing of masks outdoors was “unscientific” and “wrong”. He said, “Swedes do not have such measures, but allow people to continue running to exercise.”

Fighting the motivation to exercise?

During the ban, many people joined the ranks of running to exercise. After the outbreak of the epidemic, some sporting goods stores did not decline in turnover but increased, but now they have to worry that the mask enforcement order will discourage people’s enthusiasm for exercise and may cause them to lose these new customers.

Nicolas Gardon, editor-in-chief of Jogging International magazine, estimates that those who pick up the fun of jogging during a foot-free period are not yet addicted and may lose their patience.

But he believes that long-term runners will insist on running, and will insist on not wearing masks. He said, “There are two types of Paris runners that I have met. One is that they insist on running without a mask in a prescribed block. Their attitude is’if you catch it, you will pay a fine.’ The other is that the block is usually run. Within the specified range, simply change to a block where it is not mandatory to wear a mask and continue running.”

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