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The first “Extreme fire red Alert” in California history, James fled, how to help ourselves in the face of wildfires

California (California) this year, wildfires unusual. With the help of the natural winds, the scale of the mountain fire spread 94,000 acres in just 6 days. Of the 58 counties in the state, 43 counties were affected and California was once again in hell. As of press time, the California government has released the first “extremely red warning” in the history of the mountain fire, emphasizing the severity of the fire.

11:00 pm local time on the 29th Schematic diagram of fire spread
Figure from Weather Channel

Affected by this, California has entered a state of emergency, 1.5 million people were forced to power off, and more than 200,000 people need to evacuate. Among them are former California Governor Schwarzenegger and NBA superstar LeBron James. The latter bluntly said, “This mountain fire is not a joke.”

Hurricane assists and burns an American football field every three seconds

Two major hurricanes boosted two major fires

At the same time, the unusually strong wind Diablo Wind contributed to the spread of the mountain fire. Under the natural disaster, the California fire department dispatched thousands of people to extinguish the fire. CNN News Network pointed out that because the mountain fires in Northern California are concentrated on steep hillsides, fire fighting is difficult to develop. In response to the Southern California mountain fire, the California Fire Department assembled 1,100 firefighters overnight to try to control the disaster, but as early as the 29th, only 15% of the fire was under control. CNN quoted meteorologist Braden Miller as saying that under these strong winds of hurricane level, the fire can now burn an American football field (about 8 acres) in 3 seconds.

How do we save ourselves if we encounter a wildfire?

Here are four suggestions that might help you.

  1. Be sure to stay calm and call the fire in time.
  2. Against the direction of the wind escape when you escape
  3. If surrounded by fire, you should use mineral water to wet the towel or clothing, then cover your mouth and nose, and quickly run down the mountain, avoid running to the mountains.
  4. Wear dust face masks to prevent air pollution caused by mountain fires and cause respiratory diseases.

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