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The difference between the invasive and non-invasive ventilator

Up to now, more than 480,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed worldwide, making it the most powerful virus since the 21st century.

Because coronavirus hits the human respiratory tract first, demand for ventilator products has skyrocketed.

A ventilator is a device that can replace, control or change a person’s normal physiological breathing, increase lung ventilation, improve respiratory function, reduce respiratory work consumption, and save heart reserve capacity. The difference between an invasive ventilator and a non-invasive ventilator is Which ones?

1. Whether the wound is different

For patients, tracheal intubation ventilation is invasive, and mask ventilation is noninvasive.

2. Do you need different oxygen sources?

An invasive ventilator requires an oxygen source to use, a non-invasive ventilator can be used without an oxygen source.

3. With or without built-in turbine

Most invasive ventilators do not have a built-in turbine, while all non-invasive ventilators have a built-in turbine.

4. The different scope of application

Although the invasive ventilator can be used with a non-invasive ventilator mask, a non-invasive ventilator can be used as an invasive ventilator after adding a platform valve. But neither can replace the other, and each has its own specific range of adaptation.

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