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Another Novel Use Of Masks

Now masks have become daily necessities, whether in outdoor or indoor offices or shopping malls. Wearing a mask, we found it very obvious that the chances of getting some minor illnesses are much lower. Masks are a very effective means of preventing epidemic viruses, not just for Covid-19.

However, the shortcomings of wearing masks are also very obvious, such as: 1. It affects breathing; 2. Ears hurt after wearing it for a long time; 3. It affects communication. Of course, there is another point, that is boring.

Why don’t we play with masks? Here is my idea——Turn mask into blindfold when we rest during the day. I use a blue disposable mask, it will be better if I change to a black disposable mask.

In addition, some friends use the metal strips in used masks to make data winding lines, which is also a very good use.

If you have a good idea about mask, please leave a message, we will have a surprise for you.