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Keep away from stuffiness and bad breath, wear a mask refreshingly, don’t miss it

It is summer now, but the COVID-2019 has not been defeated by the heat. Experts to protect yourself still recommend wearing masks. However, in the face of hot weather, it is not easy to wear a mask for a long time. It is stuffy and prone to bad breath, which makes most people uncomfortable.

Now that this problem has been solved, the disposable mask manufacturer Novacciva has officially launched a brand new product called Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle, which uses mint beads in a button-sized box with a magnetic force to give mask wearers a fresh breath.

Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle
Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle

Use this Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle, wear a mask, and go out, there is fresh air everywhere.

Peppermint beads are mint extract, soft and non-pungent, food-grade spice, care for sensitive people.

Magnetic adsorption design, free movement, saving time, and worry. Press and hold the button to drag it freely to make the fragrance more even.

Compatible with 99% of the mask models on the market, you only need to gently attach the bead button to the mask to refresh yourself in a second.

The fragrance of each mint bead lasts for 4 hours, two mint beads pinch at the same time, refreshing the whole day.

Once you try it, you will love it.

Buy it now: Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle only 19.99usd with 1 Buckle 60 Beads

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How crazy, Italy encouraged healthy people not to wear masks during the Coronavirus outbreak

According to the Euronet quoted by the European Union News Agency, the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense and the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic News Center reported in the early morning of the 8th that from 00:00 on March 7th to 00:00 on March 1332 new cases of New Crown pneumonia were confirmed in Italy, accumulatively confirmed The number of cases has increased to 6012, and the number of suspected cases with a positive nucleic acid test has risen to 5,190. Of these, 567 were critically ill patients and 233 had died.

In the early morning of the 8th local time, Angelo Borrelli, Italy ’s Minister of Emergency Civil Defense and spokesperson for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, said that after a study by the Council of Ministers, it was decided that the cities and towns under the Lombardy Region of Italy and other major cities The 11 cities in the zone will be included in the new red quarantine zone. With the exception of military police, medical personnel, and emergency rescue personnel, all personnel is prohibited from entering or leaving the red separation zone.

Chinese teacher Wang Shixiong, who has been studying in Italy for half a year, became the only person wearing a mask in his school. Locally, only patients or those who care for patients need to wear a mask. He also found that Italy knew too little about the new crown virus. “I don’t know” the incubation period. He tried everything to convey the information he knew, but with little effect …

Based on China’s experience in preventing coronavirus, we strongly urge everyone to go out and wear disposable masks for personal hygiene.

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Simple and correct way to wear disposable face mask

Simple and correct way to wear disposable face mask
Simple and correct way to wear disposable face mask

The disposable face mask has two sides, the darker side – the blue or black side faces outward, and the lighter side faces inward, close to our face. Not only that, but the mask is also divided into upper and lower parts. The hard side of the metal strip is the upper end, and it is close to the bridge of the nose when worn.

After understanding the basic structure of the disposable face mask, let’s learn how to wear the face mask correctly.

  • Wash: wash your hands, so as not to dirty the inside of the mask;
  • Hang: put the mask on the face and nose, use both hands to hang the rope at both ends on the ear;
  • Pull: pull the wrinkles of the mask at the same time with both hands up and down, so that the face mask can completely cover the nose and mouth and the chin;
  • Pressure: Finally, use the index finger of both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose, so that the upper end of the face mask can be close to the bridge of the nose.

In addition, you need to remind everyone that after wearing a disposable face mask, avoid frequent contact with the disposable face mask to prevent the protection from being reduced. After removing the disposable face mask, put it in a tape or paper bag and put it in a covered trash can, and then discard it. Wash hands in time; do not reuse disposable face masks.