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Self-protection Guidelines For shopping during Coronavirus

According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of April 14, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States has reached 582,594, exceeding the 400,000 cases with the second-highest number of diagnoses in Spain.

Faced with such a raging virus, many people chose to quarantine at home. But for daily necessities, I had to go shopping. In order to prevent coronavirus infection during the shopping process, the following nine guidelines are worth learning.

coronavirus, people wear the mask

1. Wear a mask

Before going out for purchase, you must wear a mask. The environment of the supermarket is relatively closed. The general environment of the farmers market is also relatively poor. Wearing a mask is the best protective measure to prevent the spread of droplets. Wear the mask correctly and check the tightness of the mask before going out.

2. Enter the supermarket

Make a purchase list before shopping to make clear which items need to be purchased in order to shorten the shopping time. Wear a mask throughout, and keep at least one meter away from others.

3. When purchasing

It is best not to touch the goods directly with your hands, you can wear gloves or put the shopping bags in the supermarket on your hands. It is best to purchase all at once to reduce the frequency of shopping. Don’t stay after buying, go home immediately.

4. Meat area

At present, no formal meat and seafood products have been found to spread viruses and can be eaten with confidence. Do not buy poultry from unknown sources, and do not eat game.

5. Cash register

Consciously queue up, keep a certain distance from others, bring your own shopping bags, and minimize contact with public facilities.

6. On the way home

Try to choose walking, cycling or self-driving. When riding a shared bicycle, pay attention to wipe and disinfect. For example, when taking public transportation, you should separate and sit down to avoid touching the items in the car.

7. Elevator

People on the lower floors recommend taking the stairs and not touching the handrails. When touching the elevator buttons, they can be separated with paper towels, try not to communicate in the elevator.

8. At the door

Take off the mask, fold the mouth-nose contact face outwards, fold it twice, tie it with ear straps and put it in the trash.

9. After entering the door

Carry the dishes directly into the kitchen, don’t put them around.

Wash your hands immediately with running water and wipe your hands with 75% alcohol or 0.5% chlorine-containing disinfectant.

The door handle surface can be diluted with 1 to 100 of 84 disinfectant to wipe and disinfect. When necessary, the surface of shoes and shopping bags can be sprayed and disinfected with 75% alcohol.