Novacciva 3D Mask Bracket 10Pcs for Comfortable Mask Wearing by Creating More Space for Breathing Ideal Makeup Saver


  • length)net shape
  • Protect Lipstick Makeup:3d face bracket is ergonomic, fits the face and mouth perfectly, and protects the lipstick makeup from being wiped off by the mask.
  • Breathing more Smooth: Face lipstick protector and saver separating the mouth and mask, mask inner support frame can increase breathing space and make breathing more smooth.
  • Keep Masks Inner Clean:3d Face bracket – nasal pad separates the mouth and the mask to keep the inside of the face clean and make reusable.
  • Premium and Safe Material: Face support bracket made of food-grade silicone material, soft, smooth and comfortable, non-toxic and harmless,non-irritating to the skin, washable, and reusable.
  • Lipstick Protection Bracket Suitable for All MSK: Face inner support bracket humanized design, face bracket support can be placed inside all mask, and for women men adults.
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Protect lipstick from makeup, non-stick lipstick, increase breathing space and help smooth breathing

You can reuse the mask holder to increase the number of times you use the mask and solve the problem of insufficient masks

Wear a mirror to prevent fogging and keep the inside of the mask hygienic

Unique design: The 3D mask holder is designed to fit the face of the nose bridge. Breathe more smoothly, breathable and stuffy

Tip: This product only sells mask holders, not masks or packaging

Three colors: white, blue, green

Material: Silicone


Material: Silicone

Application: KN95, disposable mask

Size: Adult

Package Included:

10 x mask holder



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