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Keep away from stuffiness and bad breath, wear a mask refreshingly, don’t miss it

It is summer now, but the COVID-2019 has not been defeated by the heat. Experts to protect yourself still recommend wearing masks. However, in the face of hot weather, it is not easy to wear a mask for a long time. It is stuffy and prone to bad breath, which makes most people uncomfortable.

Now that this problem has been solved, the disposable mask manufacturer Novacciva has officially launched a brand new product called Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle, which uses mint beads in a button-sized box with a magnetic force to give mask wearers a fresh breath.

Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle
Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle

Use this Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle, wear a mask, and go out, there is fresh air everywhere.

Peppermint beads are mint extract, soft and non-pungent, food-grade spice, care for sensitive people.

Magnetic adsorption design, free movement, saving time, and worry. Press and hold the button to drag it freely to make the fragrance more even.

Compatible with 99% of the mask models on the market, you only need to gently attach the bead button to the mask to refresh yourself in a second.

The fragrance of each mint bead lasts for 4 hours, two mint beads pinch at the same time, refreshing the whole day.

Once you try it, you will love it.

Buy it now: Minty Blast Magnetic Buckle only 19.99usd with 1 Buckle 60 Beads

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