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Four precautions for wearing a disposable mask

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Wearing a disposable mask has become a major measure for people to prevent influenza and air pollution, but it is also necessary to learn to wear disposable mask scientifically.

1, You don’t wear a disposable mask when you need it.

You should wear a disposable mask when you have a high season of influenza, smog, dusty days, illness, and when you go to the hospital. In the winter, it is best to wear a mask for the elderly with low immunity and those who are sick and sick.

2, Do not prefer color disposable masks

Most of the fashion color masks are made of chemical fiber fabrics, which have poor air permeability, chemical irritating odor, and easy damage to the respiratory tract. The qualified masks are made of gauze and non-woven fabric. Zhou Rongbin reminded that the professional quality of fashion mask manufacturers is not as high as that of medical mask manufacturers, and its ability to intercept germs is the worst.

3, Do not wear a disposable mask to run

When the smog weather continues, this will make many small partners who love outdoor sports feel anxious. Some people choose to suspend outdoor activities, while others choose to wear disposable masks to continue. However, the doctor recommends that because the demand for oxygen in outdoor sports is larger than usual, and the mask may cause poor breathing or even oxygen in the organs, which has serious consequences.

4, Do not affect the line of sight

After wearing a disposable mask, cover most of the area below the mouth, nose and eyelids. The edges of the mask are closely attached to the face, but be careful not to affect the line of sight.

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