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How crazy, Italy encouraged healthy people not to wear masks during the Coronavirus outbreak

According to the Euronet quoted by the European Union News Agency, the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense and the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic News Center reported in the early morning of the 8th that from 00:00 on March 7th to 00:00 on March 1332 new cases of New Crown pneumonia were confirmed in Italy, accumulatively confirmed The number of cases has increased to 6012, and the number of suspected cases with a positive nucleic acid test has risen to 5,190. Of these, 567 were critically ill patients and 233 had died.

In the early morning of the 8th local time, Angelo Borrelli, Italy ’s Minister of Emergency Civil Defense and spokesperson for the new crown pneumonia epidemic, said that after a study by the Council of Ministers, it was decided that the cities and towns under the Lombardy Region of Italy and other major cities The 11 cities in the zone will be included in the new red quarantine zone. With the exception of military police, medical personnel, and emergency rescue personnel, all personnel is prohibited from entering or leaving the red separation zone.

Chinese teacher Wang Shixiong, who has been studying in Italy for half a year, became the only person wearing a mask in his school. Locally, only patients or those who care for patients need to wear a mask. He also found that Italy knew too little about the new crown virus. “I don’t know” the incubation period. He tried everything to convey the information he knew, but with little effect …

Based on China’s experience in preventing coronavirus, we strongly urge everyone to go out and wear disposable masks for personal hygiene.

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How to distinguish between genuine and fake masks in the face of coronavirus?

The outbreak of a new coronavirus has affected many people’s lives. People were unable to travel because of the illness. So some manufacturers will also suffer significant losses because of it. However, in order to prevent this virus, the mask factory has been working overtime. There are already many types of masks on the market. So when we choose a mask. How should I choose?

1. Source

The first is to look at the source of the mask. For example, does the manufacturer of masks have a relevant qualified license and whether all his raw materials are safe?

2. Packaging

The second is to look at the packaging of the mask. It should be noted that the packaging of the mask is not complete. Is the production of this product in compliance with the standard and is there any standard number?

safety masks
3ply safety mask


The third is to see the printing of masks. For example, is it clear whether the logo and font printing on the package is clear. And some genuine masks will have anti-counterfeiting signs. These are also an important criterion for authenticity verification.


The fourth is to look at the logo. For example, are masks under the warranty? All his production dates and manufacturers are regular.

5. Products

The fifth is to look at the product itself. Whether the mask has a filter layer, whether there are some stains or shreds, and whether there is an odor.

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Guidelines for using disposable masks to prevent new corona virus infections

Up to now, there have been as many as 20,471 corona virus patients in China. There are 2788 severe cases, 425 deaths, and 635 patients cured and discharged.

Faced with such a rapid virus, we need to protect ourselves. Disposable masks are an important line of defense against respiratory infections and can reduce the risk of new corona virus infections.Disposable masks can not only prevent patients from spraying droplets, reduce droplet volume and spray speed, but also block virus-containing droplet cores to prevent the wearer from inhaling.

new corona virus
new corona virus

Wear Principle

The basic principles are scientific and reasonable wearing, standardized use, and effective protection. details as follows:

(1) Disposable Masks are not required in the open and ventilated areas of non-infected areas, and disposable masks are required when entering densely populated or closed public places.

(2) It is recommended to wear single-use medical masks in open and ventilated places in areas with high incidence of epidemics; medical surgical masks or particulate matter protective masks should be worn in crowded or closed public places.

(3) When you come to the hospital with suspected symptoms, you need to wear a particulate protective mask or a medical protective mask without an exhalation valve.

(4) Patients with basic respiratory diseases should use protective masks under the guidance of a doctor. Young infants and young children cannot wear masks, which can cause suffocation.

(5) Cotton gauze masks, sponge masks and activated carbon masks have no protective effect on preventing virus infection.

Recommended mask types and objects

(1) Disposable medical masks: It is recommended for the public to use in non-personnel-intensive public places.

(2) Medical surgical masks: The protective effect is better than disposable medical masks. It is recommended to wear them during suspected cases, passengers of the public transportation department, taxi drivers, sanitation workers, and service personnel in public places.

(3) KN95 / N95 and above particulate protective masks: The protective effect is better than medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks. It is recommended for field investigation, sampling and testing personnel. The public can also wear it in places with high concentration of people or closed public places.

(4) Medical protective masks: It is recommended to wear them when sending out fevers, isolating ward medical staff and confirmed patients for transfer.

Principles of mask handling after use

(1) Masks worn by healthy people do not have the risk of transmission of the new corona virus, and they are generally replaced when the protective performance of the mask is reduced due to deformation, wetness or soiling. The masks used by healthy people can be disposed of according to the requirements of domestic waste classification.

(2) Masks worn by suspected cases or confirmed patients should not be discarded arbitrarily, they should be treated as medical waste, and they should be disposed of in strict accordance with relevant procedures of medical waste, and must not enter the circulation market.

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The first “Extreme fire red Alert” in California history, James fled, how to help ourselves in the face of wildfires

California (California) this year, wildfires unusual. With the help of the natural winds, the scale of the mountain fire spread 94,000 acres in just 6 days. Of the 58 counties in the state, 43 counties were affected and California was once again in hell. As of press time, the California government has released the first “extremely red warning” in the history of the mountain fire, emphasizing the severity of the fire.

11:00 pm local time on the 29th Schematic diagram of fire spread
Figure from Weather Channel

Affected by this, California has entered a state of emergency, 1.5 million people were forced to power off, and more than 200,000 people need to evacuate. Among them are former California Governor Schwarzenegger and NBA superstar LeBron James. The latter bluntly said, “This mountain fire is not a joke.”

Hurricane assists and burns an American football field every three seconds

Two major hurricanes boosted two major fires

At the same time, the unusually strong wind Diablo Wind contributed to the spread of the mountain fire. Under the natural disaster, the California fire department dispatched thousands of people to extinguish the fire. CNN News Network pointed out that because the mountain fires in Northern California are concentrated on steep hillsides, fire fighting is difficult to develop. In response to the Southern California mountain fire, the California Fire Department assembled 1,100 firefighters overnight to try to control the disaster, but as early as the 29th, only 15% of the fire was under control. CNN quoted meteorologist Braden Miller as saying that under these strong winds of hurricane level, the fire can now burn an American football field (about 8 acres) in 3 seconds.

How do we save ourselves if we encounter a wildfire?

Here are four suggestions that might help you.

  1. Be sure to stay calm and call the fire in time.
  2. Against the direction of the wind escape when you escape
  3. If surrounded by fire, you should use mineral water to wet the towel or clothing, then cover your mouth and nose, and quickly run down the mountain, avoid running to the mountains.
  4. Wear dust face masks to prevent air pollution caused by mountain fires and cause respiratory diseases.

In order to help everyone fight against fire disasters and avoid respiratory infections caused by air pollution, dust mask brand Novacciva will donate 5,000 masks, please send a message on our FACEBOOK homepage or contact us directly to get free masks.

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Why both men and women wear masks to go out in Japan, after reading this article, you may understand

In public places in Japan, people wearing masks are very common, which makes us wonder if they have cleansing? Seeing so many people wearing masks on the streets of Tokyo seems to have suddenly entered a society of infectious diseases.

But is the Japanese wearing a mask really related to air pollution? Actually not, it is only because of a disease unique to spring. This symptom is similar to a cold, but it is not a cold, but a pollen allergy. A cold is viral and contagious, and hay fever is a respiratory tract that irritates itself. The Japanese call the hay fever “a national disease in the spring”. Why is it called a national disease? This is because Japan’s 120 million people have nearly 40 million patients suffering from hay fever. It can be said that more than 30% of Japanese people have hay fever.

Hay fever has been in Japan for half a century. The first case was discovered in 1963. From February to April each year, the Japanese archipelago will fall into the panic of pollinosis, which coincides with the cherry blossoms in Japan. So, is pollinosis related to cherry blossoms? Actually not.

The little pollen of the cherry blossoms does not cause respiratory infections. So where does the Japanese pollen come from? It is actually from the fir tree. On the eve of the end of World War II, the US military carried out large-scale bombing of villages in many cities and Japanese who had taken refuge in Japan. A large number of forests were blown up and burnt, leaving only bare hills, and the Japanese houses in the past were mostly wood-structured. Rebuilding a house requires a lot of wood, the tree is straight, the survival rate is high, and the growth is fast. It is very suitable for the materials of Japanese wooden houses. Therefore, after the end of World War II, the Japanese government encouraged mountain people to plant cedar trees in large quantities.

eople wearing masks

But what we didn’t expect was that the cedar trees would bloom, and the pollen formed by the flowers of hundreds of millions of cedar trees would be blown into the big cities with the wind and sand in northern China, making a lot of allergic Japanese people get hay fever. Because in the big cities, these pollen can’t be absorbed by the cement building, and finally can only spread through the air, thus infecting the respiratory tract of the citizens. Therefore, every spring, the young people wearing masks will be seen on the streets of Japan. people. Moreover, Japan is a city with a dense population. However, if one of them is popular and has a cold, it will be spread in a short time. Considering everyone’s health, most people will wear masks consciously. Wearing masks is also a way to prevent infection when influenza is popular.

n fact, wearing a mask is also a good thing for girls. Reasons, masks can cover the face, is the gospel of lazy cancer patients, if you get up a little late, no makeup, you can wear a mask to cover your own face, Only the part of the eye is exposed. I heard that there are some reasons, because I don’t want others to see my expression, which can relieve stress and embarrassment. As a result of the above reasons, most Japanese people suffer from mask dependence.

How do you think about the Japanese wearing masks. Everyone is welcome to leave a message below the comment area and tell me what you think.

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The History of Disposable Face Masks

Disposable face masks are a kind of sanitary protection products. There are many types of masks,  which can be classified according to materials, use, shape, and  face mask protection level. So how did the disposable face masks come from? What is the role of disposable face masks?

History of disposable face masks

In 1895, a German pathologist study proved that the infection of a patient’s wound was related to airborne infection. He believed that when people talked, the sputum would carry bacteria and cause wound infection. After his suggestion, doctors and nurses at that time put on a gauze seam. A mask that covers the nose and mouth can reduce the infection of wounds during surgery. Since then, disposable face masks have been routinely worn by medical staff, food hygiene production and sales personnel, and canteen cooks, especially when food production and sales personnel work. 

Surgical medical personnel are required to wear medical masks to protect patients from infections from surgical wounds. Medical surgical masks are suitable for the basic protection of medical personnel or related personnel, as well as protection against the spread of blood, body fluids and spatter during invasive procedures. Environmental sanitation personnel and staff in dusty workplaces are also required to wear dust masks, which are also listed as labor insurance products for free to relevant personnel. In the general population, especially in the season of epidemics, there are many people wearing anti-fog masks, which have indeed played a positive role in preventing the spread of diseases.

blue disposable face mask

The role of the disposable face masks

From the perspective of pathology, there are a lot of dust, bacteria, viruses and various harmful gases in the air, which may enter the nose, pharynx, trachea and lungs with human breathing. When pepole weak, it can cause illness. Wearing a disposable face mask is like setting a “barrier” to the respiratory tract, so that the inhaled air can filter and prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the body. At the same time, wearing a mask can also block the bacteria and viruses in your mouth and nose. It is also a social morality to infect others when coughing or sneezing.

 In addition, wearing a disposable face mask can reduce or prevent the stimulation of the respiratory tract by dust, which can prevent or reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases. For workplaces with toxic and harmful special odors, anti-virus masks should be worn to prevent occupational diseases caused by inhalation of toxic and harmful gases, such as benzene poisoning and organic solvent poisoning.

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Four precautions for wearing a disposable mask

disposable mask, blue disposable mask

Wearing a disposable mask has become a major measure for people to prevent influenza and air pollution, but it is also necessary to learn to wear disposable mask scientifically.

1, You don’t wear a disposable mask when you need it.

You should wear a disposable mask when you have a high season of influenza, smog, dusty days, illness, and when you go to the hospital. In the winter, it is best to wear a mask for the elderly with low immunity and those who are sick and sick.

2, Do not prefer color disposable masks

Most of the fashion color masks are made of chemical fiber fabrics, which have poor air permeability, chemical irritating odor, and easy damage to the respiratory tract. The qualified masks are made of gauze and non-woven fabric. Zhou Rongbin reminded that the professional quality of fashion mask manufacturers is not as high as that of medical mask manufacturers, and its ability to intercept germs is the worst.

3, Do not wear a disposable mask to run

When the smog weather continues, this will make many small partners who love outdoor sports feel anxious. Some people choose to suspend outdoor activities, while others choose to wear disposable masks to continue. However, the doctor recommends that because the demand for oxygen in outdoor sports is larger than usual, and the mask may cause poor breathing or even oxygen in the organs, which has serious consequences.

4, Do not affect the line of sight

After wearing a disposable mask, cover most of the area below the mouth, nose and eyelids. The edges of the mask are closely attached to the face, but be careful not to affect the line of sight.

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Why do girls always wear disposable face masks when they go out? The real reason makes you unbelievable!

In many public places, we can see many girls wearing disposable masks, even if the weather is not cold and the air is good. And they are basically wearing ear loop disposable face masks. Besides health, what are the reasons for these girls wearing disposable face masks?

First of all, in order to prevent infection. Cold and cough, in public, it is easy to spread to others, and without a disposable face mask will be regarded as disrespect for others. As in the food industry or hospitals, disposable face masks are used to prevent the spread of germs.

Secondly, if you suddenly have a acne on your face, you will wear a mask. For example, if you have a large acne between the two nostrils, it will be super sputum, so you will wear a mask every time you go out, otherwise it will be too shameful.

Also, face masks are a means of sun protection. In the summer, many girls will choose a thin disposable face mask because it can anti-UV. Wearing a mask can block most of your skin, prevent intimate contact with UV rays, and prevent your skin from being exposed to intense sunlight.

Of course, there is another reason to wear a face mask – to increase mystery. In addition to superstars often wearing disposable face masks to prevent fans and paparazzi from tracking, there are many beautiful girls who wear a face mask all year round. This seems to be a fashion, especially wearing a black disposable face mask.

In addition, you think there are other options for wearing a mask, you can leave a message to us, we will give you a coupon code.

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Is it really useful to wear an earloop face mask when the flu is raging?

How can we effectively isolate the flu when the flu is raging? Many people will wear earloop face masks, but can earloop face masks really isolate the flu?

wear earloop disposable face mask

As a contagious virus, the flu involves all people, and pregnant people, children, the elderly, and other people with poor immunity are highly susceptible. The flu is mainly spread by droplets such as sneezing and coughing, and can also be transmitted directly or indirectly through mucous membranes such as the mouth, nose, and eyes. Therefore, the general earloop face mask does not have a barrier effect on the spread of influenza virus.

Some doctors pointed out that masks have a better preventive effect on bacteria, and the effect of preventing viral diseases is worse, but it still has a certain effect. We really want to completely prevent the spread of air and droplets, need N95 earloop face mask, N95 earloop face mask is more expensive, mainly used for personal occupational protection of medical staff. In addition, although the impact of the flu virus is large, in the face of the flu, while raising vigilance, it is also necessary to avoid excessive panic, to improve self-care awareness and prevent it in place. The flu shot is the most cost-effective preventive measure.

In the face of the flu, we must adhere to a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene habits, wash hands and exercise more, and go to places where people are crowded and airy. Once you have flu symptoms, you should stop going to school or go to work and seek medical advice in time to avoid transmission to others.

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Breaking News, more than 30,000 Americans die from air pollution every year

air pollution

Americans have always been proud of their beautiful environment, but according to recent research, 30,000 Americans still die from air pollution every day. Air pollution is not the direct cause of death, but it can cause a variety of diseases such as lung disease, heart attack and stroke.

PM2.5, a particle that is 30 times smaller than the width of a human hair, is mainly derived from the combustion of automobiles, coal-fired power plants, and other industrial sources. When these particles are inhaled into the human body, they will stay in the blood vessels and cause various lung diseases over time. At the same time, these particles can enter the bloodstream, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

In order to reduce the risk of air pollution, researchers usually recommend wearing a disposable face mask. Disposable Face Masks with Elastic Earloop 3 Ply Breathable and Comfortable for Air Pollution now are on sale, 100 pieces only $7.99 on Amazon.